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Practical Information

Who I work with

I work with individuals and couples in my private practice and I also provide supervision to both qualified psychotherapists and psychotherapists and counsellers in training. I also run an on-going men's group in North London.

Location: Marylebone, Central London

My main office is in Marylebone, Central London which is a short walk from Baker Street and Marylebone Station underground stations. Map. I also see some clients at my home address which is near Maidenhead, Berkshire.

I am also able to offer Skype sessions for clients who are travelling or working abroad as well as for clients who are unable to travel for whatever reason.

Frequency of Visits

While the frequency of visits does depend on the issues being addressed, my preference is to work with individuals for 50 minute sessions twice a week and with couples for an hour and a quarter once a week. Although I prefer to conduct sessions twice a week, i know that this is not always possible for practical reasons and so a number of my clients choose to come once a week.


£ 150 individual session (50 minutes)

£ 225 couple session (75 minutes)

Some concessionary places are available.

Please bear in mind that psychotherapy is normally undertaken with a committment to attending at the same day and time each week. Full details of the working arrangement will be given in the first session.

How long does psychotherapy take?

How long therapy "takes" depends on several factors such as what brought you to contact me in the first place, the severity of your predicament, previous experiences of emotional distress and also how deeply you yourself wish to explore and examine your issues.

Most people choose to make initial contact with me by telephone - although you can also  use the "Contact me" section of the website.

If you choose to talk with me by phone, I am happy to have a short conversation with you about your situation and give you the opportunity to ask me any questions which might help you to decide whether you would like to make an appointment to see me.

At the initial assessment session, we would explore the issues that have brought you to psychotherapy. If you wish to continue meeting after this initial session, I usually suggest you commit to a further ten appointments. I find that ten sessions are normally enough for you to have a much better understanding of the problems that you are facing and the impact they are having on you emotionally and for you to be able to reduce the negative impact they are having on you.

At the end of those ten sessions, it is for you to decide whether you wish to commit to a further ten or twenty sessions or whether you wish to continue in an open-ended way. If you decide to commit to more open-ended psychotherapy, it is usually because you are choosing to go beyond the initial reasons of why you came and you are wishing to enter a much deeper examination of who you are as a person.


Integrative Psychotherapy Diploma (5 year training programme) at The Minster Centre.

The Minster Centre required trainees to enter into therapy themselves as a condition for qualification.


I am registered as a psychotherapist with the UK Council for Psychotherapy.

Qualifications and Experience