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Sanity Training

Sanity Training is a bespoke, 12 week intensive package of psychotherapy and core fitness which is designed for people who have a very particular challenge and focus and want to achieve a very specific outcome in a time-limited period. The link between physical and mental health is well documented, but this programme, with its focus on developing core strength and stability is specifically designed for people who are wanting a very intensive and dynamic, goal-focused programme.

Strong core muscles make it easier to do many physical activities but they also directly affect your mental processes and attitudes. By addressing the physical and mental in a holistic manner, we can achieve a synergy from the two approaches and harness the full energy of the body and mind together to affect change. By developing your core strength and a positive mindset about your abilities, it will also help you to develop the stamina and determination to make the changes that you wish to make into a lasting commitment.

Who is the programme for?

If you are currently going through an emotional crisis or trauma

If you have a specific issue in your life that you would like to address and want some support in either processing a particular trauma or affecting a long-lasting change in relation to your own life

If you have had therapy before but like the idea of a time-limited focused programme

If you would like to improve your fitness but feel like you have some emotional resistance to achieving your fitness goals


What does the programme include?

Initial assessments (90 minutes each one to one) with both a psychotherapist and personal trainer

12 week programme of 2 meetings per week one to one with both a psychotherapist and personal trainer

There will be a formal review of the programme at the beginning of the 5th and 9th week to ensure that you are on track to achieve your goals

Referral to other consultants and treatment professionals as appropriate (for example, nutritionalist, dietician, chiropracter)

Throughout the programme your psychotherapist and personal trainer will liaise with each other to ensure that both practictioners are completely focused on achieving your identified goals as a joint team


What will you have achieved by the end of the programme?

A step-functional improvement in your physical fitness and your emotional health

You will have made concrete and positive improvement in your life

Your core strength and stability will have been sigificantly improved

You will have clarified any further steps that you need to take or areas that you would like to focus on as a result of the work you will have already achieved